Are Atheists Angry At God?

This blogger's favorite Christian apologetics blog has again missed the mark with this post.

My Response:

How can someone be angry at something that he or she believes does not exist? This blogger does not know of an atheist who is angry at god. This is just ludicrous. See previous posts on anger to understand where anger truly may be directed.

True, many atheists do have negative feelings because they feel they have been misled about the truth of religion. However, this blogger would not characterize it as anger as much as disappointment, as it is recognized that the misleading was not out of conscious evil intent.

Why is there so much misinformation about atheists promoted by Christian apologists? If you investigate these sort of "findings", you find poorly designed studies conducted by theists with an agenda. Perhaps apologists are fearful that atheists may be normal human beings who have come to different conclusions using different tools to best determine reality and they will have to address issues as equals.

Is demonizing people Christian?

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