The Fall

This blogger has been exposed to the concept of The Fall for as long as memory allows. According to the Old Testament story, a perfectly happy Adam and Eve (humanity's first parents) were living in "Paradise" without suffering and death. They were then tempted with the forbidden Fruit of Knowledge by Satan and succumbed. Since that time, humankind has been stained with Original Sin. The subsequent story of Jesus redeeming us from this Original Sin through His death and resurrection is central to the Christian religion. What would happen to Christianity if it was shown that the truth of the story of the founding of our species, Homo Homo Sapiens, was significantly different from this Scriptural account?

It is widely recognized by evolutionary biologists, and other scientists, that evolution is a fact. In the process of evolution, it is also widely recognized that speciation (the evolutionary process of forming new species) involves the splitting of populations to form new species, not just a pair of individuals. How do you get a single pair of humans out of this recognized process?

It seems to this blogger that this situation is the main reason why there is so much resistance to the full story of evolution in Christian apologetics. No "Original Sin", no need for the redemption of Jesus.

Honestly, if you accept science, can you really be a Christian after pondering the above? If you don't accept science, this blogger would simply ask, why not?

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