The Complete Counter-Apologetic In 15 Minutes

This blogger listens to several podcasts regularly. The Atheist Experience podcast of the TV show is near the top in rebuttal to theist arguments. Last week's episode was one of the best and this particular segment deserves 15 minutes of your time, no matter where you are on the theist spectrum.

Click here to view (Thanks to PZ Myers for the post)

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Some questions asked (and not answered):
  • Why should others believe the Bible?
  • What is the evidence that the Bible is divinely inspired?
  • How do you reconcile acceptance of science with the Bible?
  • Why would you believe anything on faith, as it is not a pathway to truth?
  • Can you demonstrate that faith is a good thing?
And points made:
  • Christianity is hateful, divisive and destructive with its doctrine of Hell for non-believers.
  • As an atheist I do not have to worry about my friends and relatives going to hell.
  • Christians worship a monster out of fear.
  • Christian revelation to a few with poor evidence for such is not a good way of communicating to humans.
  • There is a cost of faith - you are compelled to believe horrible things about others, which cuts off friendship.
  • You use reason in every other area of life.
  • Faith is an excuse for a lack of evidence.
  • Faith is not a virtue, it is gullibility.

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