Subjective Vs Objective Morality

This blogger believes that the following comment on the Tough Questions Answered apologetics blog nicely sums up the difference between the terms "subjective" and "objective" when talking about morality:

"Of course the conceptual question of morality is totally subjective, when you pose the question in such a way to define what is good or bad. However, when you pose the question in a meaningful way, such as 'Is raping children good for society as a whole' the answer becomes clear, no.

"Morality as a concept is subjective, but when asked in a way such that objective observations can be measured, then an objective answer can be provided.

"So, the question 'Is it subjective or objective that raping little children is fun' does not provide a way to objectify the answer, so it must of course be subjective. Posed in a different manner, like 'Is it good for the child, good for the well-being of society, or good for the offender to rape a child' an objective answer can be proposed based on psychology, physiology, etc. It can be observed, then determined, obviously, that the objective answer is no."

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