Billy Graham

Hemant Mehta has posted on Billy Graham.

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This blogger respects Christopher Hitchens and most of his opinions. I am aware of Graham's comments regarding Jews and his cozying up to politicians and others of power. However, in a fair reading of the memoirs of Charles Templeton (erroneously called "James" by Hitchens in the video), Templeton's parting with Graham does not appear to this blogger to include questioning of Graham's motives or character regarding continuing as a fundamentalist preacher. Click here for the pertinent section, with special attention to the last paragraph.

This blogger recognizes the misunderstanding that Billy Graham has regarding atheists. However, stating that his cited comments are "lies" implies conscious willingness to degrade fellow humans. It is the opinion of this blogger that Billy Graham honestly believes what he says on this, and other, religious matters and is speaking from ignorance, indoctrination and/or delusion rather than evil. He is just like most other fundamentalist Christians.

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