Libertarianism and Reason

Recently, this blogger has been discussing politics on Facebook. While non-partisan, this blogger has some libertarian/fiscally conservative views based on multi-decades of experience of seeing the results of the actions of both major political parties. As previously mentioned, politics is not a "hard" science and, thus, perhaps a humble reflection on such is in order within the atheist community.

There is virtual unanimous agreement within the atheist community regarding the evidence for a god. Why is there such a strong majority of opinion within the atheist community favoring the liberal political point of view when the evidence for the economic success of such is much less evident?

For a concise view of the Libertarian Party economic view, click here.


  1. How is the economic success less evident. It seems that every free market that ever existed eventually becomes more socialist. Is this because the free market does not work??

  2. Dave,

    Many causes liberals favor involving government rather than private enterprise (war on poverty, single-payer healthcare, public school reform, unions, government bureaucracies, etc.) have not been as successful as promised. To my view, most of the time a government program competes fairly with a private enterprise, the private system is more efficient and effective.

    I was saying that liberal programs have less evidence of success as compared to the lack of evidence for a god. So why are SO many atheists also liberal without considering the failures of liberal fiscal efforts? Belief should be proportional to the evidence. Yes, liberals are right on most of the issues, IMO. However, there is no reason to accept ALL liberal stances, especially on fiscal issues. To do so is dogmatic and unreasonable, IMO.