The Millennial Generation, Gay Marriage And Abortion

Hemant Mehta has posted on gay marriage, abortion and the millennial generation.

As a former Catholic, I have to smile at the following:

But you have to wonder about the 29% of Catholics and 13% of evangelicals who support abortions in all circumstances. I’m glad they feel that way, but how can they still be part of those churches?

68 percent of Catholics surveyed also said they believe it’s possible to disagree with their church’s teachings on abortion and still be a good Catholic.

“The reality,” [family and pro-life director for the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City Veola] Burchett said, “is if you are a practicing Catholic and call yourself a committed Catholic, you cannot disagree with the church’s viewpoint on abortion.”

She’s right. You can’t. I don’t understand why the people who think otherwise continue to attend (and support) a church that goes against their own principles. The church would either change its ways or start to slide into obscurity if the people who knew they were wrong left the institution for good.

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