Politics And Fiscal Responsibility

Recently this blogger had a Facebook interaction with a friend who is a non-theist and politically a Democrat (a fairly common combination). This was prompted by the following post made on this blog and on Facebook:

Both Political Parties Are Pathetic

It is this blogger's opinion that there is plenty of guilt to pass around among both major political parties. This stance was an essential component of a previous blog post:

Why I Am Not A Political Ideologue

My friend seemed unwilling to consider that the Republicans may have some valid issues with the contention that our present political impasse is mainly the result of the Republicans. He also defended recent Democratic history regarding fiscal responsibility.

While it is true that the Clinton years brought a balance budget, Democrats seem to overlook the fact that the House of Representatives was Republican and it is responsible for budgetary matters.

Consider the following regarding the USA's present fiscal problems:

Nancy Pelosi Claims Democrats have "Long Fought For Fiscal Responsibility."

Bottom line: The USA and the world has a major financial problem. It will not be solved by ideologues but by reasonable leaders willing to do what is right. Isn't it time for both the Republicans and Democrats to humbly admit that they have been lead down a dangerous slope catering to special interests?

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