The Mind Of A Terrorist

Austin Cline has posted on the personality of the terrorist and its relationship to Islam.

This blogger recently commented on a private Facebook page post discussing Chris Hedges' criticism of Sam Harris' comments on Islamic Fundamentalists. Following was this blogger's final comment to another commenter insisting that Harris is a bigoted Islamophobe:
Harris correctly comments about wrong BEHAVIOR of radicals within an ideology and is incorrectly labeled a phobic against the entire BELIEF system.
In this volatile political climate, this blogger thinks that it is important to properly direct criticism against individuals and groups exhibiting bad BEHAVIOR. If it is found that such individuals and/or groups were motivated by an ideology (religious, political or other), then it is proper to investigate the elements of the ideology involved to attempt to separate the belief from the negative action. Peaceful, non-proselytizing and non-discriminatory PEOPLE believing ANY ideology should not be attacked.

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