Who Are The People Behind Gov Perry?

Paul Rosenberg has posted a lengthy article exposing the religious movement behind Gov Rick Perry's theology. The USA ignores the impact of this and other groups who wish to remove the wall of separation of church and state at its own peril.

This blogger would like to take this opportunity to summarize what religion is and what is dangerous about it. Evidence shows religion to be man-made superstition based on myth that can be a force for good or bad. When Christianity first began and was a minority with no political power it was benign. When Christianity became the major religion in Western civilization and obtained political power, that force was used for bad (i.e. the Inquisition, the Crusades, etc.). The Enlightenment and the emergence of science within the culture of Christianity attenuated its negative effects. Islamic culture has not had a period of Enlightenment, thus, nations under the political dominance of Islam have no constraint against bad actions.

The lesson of the above is that when religion is private and not the major political force, culture thrives. There are religious groups within the USA who wish that it was a theocracy under their particular brand of Christianity. History clearly shows that if one of these groups actually achieves its goals, the USA will be a less free, less good and more repressed culture.

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