Minimal Facts Approach To The Resurrection Of Jesus

John Loftus has posted on the "Minimal Facts" approach to the resurrection of Jesus by William Lane Craig, Gary Habermas and Michael Licona.  This approach accepts that which most scholars agree on as facts, then seeks the best hypothesis that explains these agreed-upon facts.  First showing that the Gospels themselves are historically trustworthy is not necessary with this approach.  Minimal facts are more important than all of the facts.  Sounds good to this blogger ---- those pesky larger facts that destroy any argument from the smaller facts can just be thrown out.  Talk about stacking the deck!!

The post ends with this statement:
"--- a miraculous resurrection is always going to be more improbable than any improbable speculation about what may have happened instead. Improbable things happen all the time. People get struck by lightning. People win contests against overwhelming odds. So non-miraculous explanations of the resurrection might all be improbable, and yet better explain the evidence, since a miracle can still be far less likely to be true than those other improbable explanations. Unless they can show that our “improbable” explanations are more improbable than a miracle (and they never do), their argument can’t even get off the ground.

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