Science And Faith: How Do They Handle New Discoveries

Jerry Coyne has posted once again on the problem of attempting to reconcile religion and science ("accommodate").  He cites the work of Michel Zimmerman and the Clergy Letter Project.  While Zimmerman attacks creationists, Coyne gives good reason to extend the logic to all of the faithful.  While detailing how scientists are handling the possible discovery of a particle (a neutrino labeled a tachyion) that travels faster than the speed of light,  he also explains how scientists and theists differ when confronted with a new discovery.

Coyne quotes Zimmerman at the end, changing a key word:
His ending is strong, but I’ve edited it a bit to reflect my own feelings, crossing out what Zimmerman wrote and replacing it with bolded words:
The difference between scientists and creationists the faithful is so stark that it can be summarized simply enough to be placed on two bumper stickers.
Don’t believe everything you can think!
Don’t think about anything you believe!
I bet even creationists religious folks can figure out which one is theirs.

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