Lipozene And Its Ilk

This blogger continues to be mystified over the plethora of scam products peddled on TV.  While watching some TV today, I was exposed to this product for weight loss, Lipozene.  Check out this review.  However, carefully note the end to this "review"  --- it peddles ANOTHER scam product!!  Play a game with yourself next time you see ANY health-related product advertized on TV that you have not heard about before.  Google it and read EVERY hit on the first few pages of the search.  The pattern is solid.  Most are testimonials FOR the product, with a few criticizing it.  Virtually ALL of the critical sites peddle a similar scam product!!!  Google THAT product and continue the process until you get bored.  It is a never-ending cycle of pseudoscience misinformation.

Folks, the old adage is true ---- if a product claims to provide a health benefit without effort, run away from it!!

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