Rant Against "Real" Christians

This blogger just read this post from the Atheist Revolution blog entitled Delighting in Hell and it unleashed emotions that have been seething for years.

As any reader of this blog can tell, this blogger has been very critical of the actions of the so-called "Religious Right" in the US (aka "conservative", "evangelical", "fundamentalist" and "devout/traditional" -- if a Catholic).  In an effort to restrict comments to the actions of these folks, this blogger has focused on church-state and religious evil issues primarily.  However,  personal experiences have mirrored those expressed in this piece and this blogger feels it is time to confront directly the people acting in such an unacceptable manner.

First of all, trying to have an intelligent conversation with these folks regarding science, evidence and religion is like talking to the wall.  When a person explicitly tells you that their faith is supreme and no amount of evidence will change their opinion on a matter, why waste your time?  And it is not just the average Religious Right person ---- just listen to the big-time apologists, like William Lane Craig.

Second, these folks have a level of certainty that defies rationality.  How can anyone have that level of certainty in a world that doesn't come close to revealing such?  Claiming this level of knowledge without evidence seems to be delusional, with an added air of unwarranted superiority.

Finally,  this blogger is very uncomfortable associating with anyone who believes it is MY fault for not "accepting" Jesus and, thus, it is MY fault that I am going to hell for eternity.  The smugness is repulsive.  It is very disappointing to be told by someone that this blogger has made a choice to reject Jesus without he or she understanding that the only choice truly made in the matter was to choose to look at the evidence.  This is consistent with ANY concept to which this blogger is exposed --- belief is proportional to the evidence.  Period.  This is skepticism and it is the only way this blogger CAN look at the world.

Why can't the Religious Right understand that, if there is a god, he/she made this blogger this way.  Changing to accepting as truth a concept not backed by evidence is not possible.  EVIDENCE should be the criteria for belief for EVERYONE on ALL matters.

As Harold Shuckhart says:
"If God exists, I would think He would be more likely to reward the thinker than to reward the person who buried their intelligence under a rock."

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