Rational Thinking About Religion

This blogger has posted on reason and how it reconciles with religion.  If you are religious and not a Fundamentalist, please consider the following:

A Fundamentalist believes ALL that his/her religion teaches.  Demographically, these people are a minority.  Most people of faith are "cafeteria (insert the faith of your choice)."  Why do most people do that?  If there truly is a god, wouldn't he/she communicate clearly on what to believe?  It seems to this blogger that it is more reasonable to be a Fundamentalist than a "cafeteria (insert the faith of your choice)."  To this blogger, there are only two reasonable choices theologically:  believe EVERYTHING a faith teaches; believe NOTHING religion teaches.  This blogger has rationally chosen the latter.

This post agrees with this blogger.


  1. If it's truly that black and white, then you have chosen wisely, my friend. You get to keep your individuality.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Andy. I have yet to have someone justify the "cafeteria" approach to this question.