Are Humans Born Atheist?

Are humans born atheist?  Answers from WikiAnswers:

Science indicates that people are born with a capacity for superstitious belief. This behavior had some evolutionary survival value in that taught us to avoid places that we feared had large carnivores. If we were right we lived, if we were wrong very little harm was done.This does not however make us theists. The advantage of being mentally driven beings rather than slaves to our instincts is that we can analyze our instincts and overcome those which interfere with the good workings of society. As an example we have an instinct to eat, but avoid chowing down at the supermarket until we can't move.  With regard to religion, there is no instinct to be religious, it is an opportunistic advantage taken by some to profit from the instinct to be superstitious. It diverts our efforts to nonproductive ends.

So yes we are born with a capacity to believe in magic and superstition, but not an instinct to be theists. That implies we are born as atheists.

Yes, people are born atheists. It is that simple and that logical. Religious beliefs are learned behavior. Most religious families indoctrinate their children from birth. Those children have no choice because a religious life is all they know. Many become atheists after they leave home. Any person who believes they could recite their religious rhetoric if it was never taught to them or invent elaborate religious dogma on their own is being self deceptive and illogical.

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