Chiropractic: Pseudo-Physical Therapy

Sam Homola, a retired chiropractor who has written several books exposing his colleagues, has written an update on the Science-Based Medicine blog on the status of chiropractic in the face of overwhelming evidence that it is essentially pseudo-physical therapy.  As a retired physical therapist who has fought chiropractic for several decades, this post is very satisfying.

Some key points:
  • Most chiropractors have not discarded subluxation theory, which has been thoroughly discredited.
  • Some chiropractors are moving into other forms of alternative medicine.
  • Spinal manipulation has a limited role in spinal pain and is legitimately performed by physical therapists and other science-based practitioners.  Since chiropractic's unique treatment practice is manipulation for the bogus subluxation, chiropractic has no legitimate role in science-based healthcare.
What's the harm?  As always, let the buyer beware.

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