Drinking The Kool-Aid

This blogger had an interesting experience on Facebook.  A FB friend posted an image of a pitcher of Kool-Aid with the word "Religion" in front of it.  It was subsequently re-posted by this blogger.

As many people know, several years ago in Jonestown, Guyana, members of the People's Temple under the leadership of Jim Jones were said to have committed suicide by drinking a Kool-Aid-like drink laced with cyanide.  Since that time, "Drinking the Kool-Aid" became a metaphor referring to a person or group's unquestioning belief in an ideology, argument or philosophy without critical examination.  Any skeptic readily knows this metaphor.  However, apparently some religious folks are not as aware of it:

Perhaps using this metaphor more often around irrational people will get at least some of them to think a little differently about their beliefs.  Or, it may elicit a defensive reaction as seen above.  In any event, it is this blogger's opinion that this metaphor, indeed, can be applied to individuals and groups displaying any amount of uncritical thinking.

Now, why is it important to challenge ideas unsupported by evidence?  Following are a few links exposing how irrationality and uncritical thinking can cause harm:
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Comment:  What do you think would have been the reaction in the above situation if this blogger had posted THIS:

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