Explanations: Science Vs Faith

John Loftus has posted on the difference between science and faith regarding explanations.

Some gems:
  • Theistic explanations have failed miserably in every generation as science has shown these explanations unnecessary. It’s this overwhelming success that leads me to think science offers much better explanations than theistic ones.
  • What is the alternative to science based reasoning? Faith-based reasoning is best defined as “belief in search of data.” There are too many different and contradictory religious claims being made. How can we settle these disputes? We cannot do so with faith-based reasoning because it only confirms what was believed in the first place.  
  • Science works. Faith does not. Faith is an irrational leap over the probabilities.
  • The fact that so far supernatural explanations don’t succeed is not the fault of the sciences. It’s the fault of supernatural explanations.

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