My Final Post On This Blog

 (UPDATED 03/16/2018)

While the present content of this blog is fairly complete in what I have to say on reason and my worldview, I presently am not satisfied with the name of the blog or its organization.  Therefore, I will not be posting here in the future.  However, I will be posting regularly on my new blog,, which will be focused on science-based thinking (science in the narrow and broad sense). I will be taking some of my favorite posts from this blog and posting the information in my new blog.

I will leave the blog active and I hope you will continue to use it for your entertainment and information purposes.

I also recommend clicking on the "Recommended Links" page tab at the top for access to some excellent resources

I will be glad to respond to any comments you would like to make on any previous posts.  Thanks to all who have supported me and this blog.



  1. Dear Tom,
    I have just now found your blog (linked to it from a comment you left on the Ratio Christi website). It looks very interesting, and I'm encouraged by your positive tone towards us Christian Apologists. I tried to keep a blog of my own going but like you said above, it's hard to keep generating new content. I hope you keep thinking hard about your worldview because we all need to do that.

    Anyway, like I said, your blog looks pretty interesting, and as I read more of it, I might leave a comment or two here and there.

    Take care,

  2. Greg, thanks for the comment. Yes, please leave any comments you want. Take care and I hope you are having a happy Easter.