The Israel Lobby And Middle East Peace

Mano Singham has posted on the Israel lobby in the USA.

While this blogger would support a democracy against a theocracy or any other totalitarian form of government, the continued conflict in the Middle East is quite troubling. Cultural and religious ideology rules in that area of the world. Reason to both sides is "caving in" to "them."

Since Israel is an ally of the USA, why do the Israelis continue to micro-think about where the borders would be in a two-state solution to this problem? Do they not have ANY empathy over what the Palestinians are going through and THEIR need for decent borders and land viable for a successful society? Why do the Israelis continue to build settlements in disputed territories? Why does the USA continue to support only one side in this conflict?

Yes, many Arabs and Palestinians do not recognize Israel as a nation. Perhaps this is, at least in part, due to how Israel was established. After World War II, the colonial powers in the Middle East decided to carve a section of this area out and give it to another entity. Just put yourself in the place of the people and governments of the Middle East at that time. Would you have been in agreement with this decision? I doubt it.

In summary, this blogger thinks the philosophy of Gandhi and Martin Luther King within the Israeli government would go along way to solving this problem. There needs to be some sign of adulthood within the Israeli government.

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